fantascienza informatica sicurezza


ParanoidLinux is an operating system that assumes that its operator is under assault from the government (it was intended for use by Chinese and Syrian dissidents), and it does everything it can to keep your communications and documents a secret. It even throws up a bunch of “chaff” communications that are supposed to disguise the fact that you’re doing anything covert. So while you’re receiving a political message one character at a time, ParanoidLinux is pretending to surf the Web and fill in questionnaires and flirt in chat-rooms. Meanwhile, one in every five hundred characters you receive is your real message, a needle buried in a huge haystack.

Quando Cory Doctorow ha scritto questo brano di Little Brother, Paranoid Linux era solamente una sua invenzione funzionale allo svolgimento del racconto. Qualcuno, però, ha pensato di trasformare la finzione in realtà, così lo scorso maggio è nato il progetto ParanoidLinux.