Tag: Charles Stross

  • Singularity Sky

    The day war was declared, a rain of thelephones fell clattering to the clobblestones from the sky above Novy Petrograd. Inizia proprio con una pioggia di telefoni il bel romanzo di Charles Stross che ho appena finito di leggere. Stross è il solito vulcano di idee, riesce a rendere non noiosa una storia che, dopotutto, […]

  • Halting State

    The real security is all in the firewalls, and the data integrity schemas. Nobody ever imagined a band of Orcs would steal a database table… The traffic looks like game-play to GCHQ or CESG or NSA or whoever’s sniffing packets; looking in-game for characters run by Abdullah and Salim holding private chat about blowing up […]